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Our Technology —
built for your business

From Talent Management to Time & Attendance, Network by Jitjatjo is a full-service, end-to-end platform built on a series of modules that were developed to work seamlessly together, or in any combination that satisfies your individual business requirements.

  • Seamlessly integrate Network into your existing systems
  • Optimize resourcing and align with your business needs
  • White-labeled mobile & web products


Transform your Talent Acquisition function, by attracting, vetting, and hiring the best candidates before your competitors hire them.

  • Attract large volumes of quality talent
  • Next-gen Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Out-of-the-box skills assessments
  • Automatic identification of the best candidates
  • Multiple interview models and digital offer/acceptance
  • Hire at lightspeed, without compromising anything
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The quicker you can get a new hire working the happier your business partner and faster talent produce results for your business.

  • Frictionless HR smart-forms
  • Automatic right-to-work verifications
  • Fast and flexible background screening
  • Effortless reference checking
  • Multiple orientation training models
  • Self-identification and equal opportunity
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Our scheduling platform automatically manages the complexity of compliance (spread of hours, fair work week etc.), overtime, and having employees across multi-locations or jurisdictions.

  • Redefining flexible schedules, while maintaining compliance
  • Multi-markets, multi-location, multi-level roll-ups
  • Centralized staffing requisition processing
  • Automatic talent backups
  • Attire/Uniform by position
  • Certifications/Accreditations
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It’s not enough to simply fill shifts—your business requires the right people in the right positions at the right location, we call this Empathic Intelligence!

So, we would like to introduce you to ‘Ma’, our matchmaking algorithm.

  • Always on and ready to perform 24x7x365
  • Quality focused, while still filling shifts at large-scale
  • Ability to find talent in public/shared pools
  • Always learning, always improving
  • Wedded to Pa
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Service delivery

‘Pa’, our service delivery algorithm, is committed to elevating service standards by predicting and influencing human behavior.

  • Always on and monitoring 24x7x365
  • Predicts service delivery issues
  • Mitigates service delivery risk
  • Leverages empathic intelligence to drive outcomes
  • Facilitates up/down performance reviews every shift
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Time & attendance

The next generation workforce requires a time & attendance platform that is  flexible, scalable, easy to use, and more importantly, compliant.

  • Wage and hour compliant
  • Flexible business rules engine
  • Compliance enforcement
  • Employee location status and ETA
  • Geo, in-person, and virtual time clocks
  • Efficient absence management
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Employee engagement

Let your team know how they are doing in-real time and encourage them to let you know how you are doing in real-time as well.

  • Badges and recognition
  • Referral rewards engine
  • Automated engagement campaigns
  • Live chat and chat bots
  • Surveys, polls, like/unlike
  • Training and promotions
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Performance management

360 degree reviews may be unheard of for contingent workers, however Pa delivers up/down performance after reviews every shift.

  • Downward reviews
  • Upwards reviews
  • 360 Feedback
  • Career pathing
  • Promote learning and training
  • Warnings and disciplinary action
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Learning & development

Provide your team with cost-effective training to ensure that all are aligned around your organization's goals.

  • Orientation training
  • Up-skilling
  • Cross-skilling
  • Certifications/Accreditations
  • Identify skill gaps
  • Enhance performance
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Processing payroll and managing invoicing for your flexible workforce has never been easier.

  • Instant Pay | Same Day Pay | Weekly Pay
  • Holiday Pay | Penalty Pay | Call-in Pay
  • Absence management | Sick & Leave Balances
  • Integrate existing payroll system
  • Auditing reimagined
  • Automated reporting
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Simple. Transparent. Easy to manage—we’ve made billing a breeze.

  • Sign-up credits, referral credits
  • Flexible bill rate models
  • Real-time billing via credit/debit cards
  • Invoicing / internal unit transfers
  • Integrate existing financial system
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Real-time data analytics

Leverage data to predict trends and make informed decisions that will have a meaningful impact on your business.

Supply Analysis

  • Internal Supply
  • Workforce Demographics
  • Identify trends

Demand Analysis

  • Identify gaps
  • Separation/turnover/ vacancy rates
  • Compare supply with demand analysis to determine future shortages and excess in the number of workers needed, types of roles, and skill sets

Talent Acquisition

  • Real-time insights into applicant funnel
  • Identify areas of demand by location, role, experience, etc.
  • Visualize entire talent acquisition life-cycle

Net-profit protection

  • Visualize Talent Acquisition, training, and missed opportunity costs
  • Identify areas of risk and opportunities for organizational growth
  • Understand spend across the organization and create strategies to help reduce and contain costs.

Customizable Dashboards

  • Create the analytics needed to make informed decisions
  • Make it possible for everyone across the organization to visualize how hiring decisions, cost models, and risk management are impacted by the movement of talent.
  • Put important KPI’s in one place

Ready to optimize your shift-based workforce?

Learn how Jitjatjo can accelerate your talent acquisition time, reduce labor costs, and streamline operations with our talent marketplace solution.

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