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Jitjatjo is Human Powered

People, helping people, through technology.

Creating opportunities through technology is what we do; it’s not who we are.

We exist because we want to help people reach their potential, our talent to feel valued, and our business partners to thrive. We believe everyone, especially now, needs a champion, needs to feel seen, needs to feel heard, and needs to be believed in. It’s time to embrace change, transform the way we work, and intentionally create a future with opportunity in abundance.

Origin Story

In 2015, we set out to design and develop a platform that would transform the way people worked, maximize productivity, empower lifestyle choices, and encourage human betterment.

We knew it would be essential to consistently demonstrate our integrity to build trust. We determined that we should prove the platform’s value through data, and we could make an impact by also operating the platform ourselves to create opportunities.

So we launched Jitjatjo, a high-growth tech start-up headquartered in New York City with offices in Chicago, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Australia ... and growing!


Transform the way people work to maximize productivity and empower lifestyle choices.


Human Betterment—the continued creation of opportunity for the world’s next-generation workforce.


Inspired by the opportunity to accelerate human advancement.


The defining quality of our people and our work. Integrity is challenging oneself to always do the right thing, speaking truthfully, acting honorably, and being your true self—even when no one is watching.


We inspire each other to achieve great things because we understand that as each individual grows, the whole organization grows.


Feedback drives diversity of thought, which helps us innovate.


We value the expertise, time, and intentions of everyone we work with.

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