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Retail and fashion’s flexible workforce solution

Optimize employee resourcing and lower temp spend by replacing your fixed work model with an internal talent marketplace.

we provide

Our W2 employees are fully-vetted and experienced store associates. We provide staff for a variety of customer-facing, back-of-house, and hospitality roles.


  • Fitting Room Attendants
  • Asset Protection/ Store Greeters
  • Customer Fulfillment / Picker Packer
  • Receiving Clerks
  • Customer Service Associates
  • And more...
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Food Services

  • Cooks
  • Cashiers
  • Servers / F&B Attendants
  • Baristas
  • Dishwashers
  • And more...
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Don’t see the sector that you are looking for or have a special request? We are here to support you via either live chat or give us a call with us to speak with someone about your needs.

Find workers

Ondemand leverages AI to fill client bookings fast with predictive algorithms and empathic intelligence.


In addition to a live interview, our recruiting algorithm, ‘Ana’ ensures applicants are properly assessed and thoroughly vetted.


‘Ma’ is our matchmaking algorithm that truly optimizes for the “best” match by developing extensive personas for people and businesses.

Service Delivery

‘Pa’ is our service algorithm that encourages Talent to perform to high standards by linking their Instant Pay eligibility to service quality.

Intuitive presentation of real-time data analytics empowers operations and recruiting managers to focus on what matters most.

Booking Status

Booking flows and real-time status enable you to easily book one worker for a single shift and/or large teams for multiple days/weeks/months.

Location Tracking

You’ll know when your team is expected to arrive and can monitor their status throughout the shift. Clock in/out is enforced with a geo-fence.

Time & Attendance

There are no more timesheets or paperwork to worry about. ‘Pa’ monitors and logs shift start & end times, presenting them for your approval at the end of the shift.

As if like magic, our technology and human-powered team curate custom labor pools to help you optimize your resourcing.

Easy Team Management

Free yourself of minimum hour commitments, and compliance headaches, by inviting your furloughed/separated employees to continue working with you in a flexible capacity.

Our Talent Pool

With over 10,000+ vetted and ready to work employees, Ondemand is primed to supply the additional staff you need, when you need them.

Leave The Recruiting To Us

The platform is constantly curating labor pools, refining them based on your preferences, building your A-Team so you can focus on your business.

Automatic feedback and personal encouragement drives positive change in human performance.


Keep your Ondemand team on the same page via Team Chat—simultaneous instant messaging—without sharing your contact details.

Zero Cost Incentives

‘Pa’ strategically offers Instant Pay to Talent, aligning everyone’s interest around service excellence and superior performance.

Rapid Reviews

After a shift ends, employer-submitted performance reviews help our tech learn your preferences and build your future dream team.

Compliance focused staffing solutions

Criminal & regulatory checks

All of our Talent are E-Verified and submitted for national, state, county background checks annually.


If required, we verify that our Talent have the required vaccinations to keep your team and guests safe.

We want you to know that compliance is just as important to us as it is to you.  Working together, we will implement a program that gets you the staff you need, when you need them, all while ensuring compliance.

Find staff. Fast.

The retail industry runs 24x7x365 and so does Ondemand to support you.

Whether you have a last-minute call out or are scheduling in advance, Ondemand is ready to get you the staff you need.

Booking talent is easy and can be done in seconds. Simply input the details and watch your booking be fulfilled in real-time.

Ondemand is optimized for both desktop and mobile, so you’re supported at a workstation and on the run.

Interested in hiring hourly W2 workers on-demand?

Experience a 97% fulfillment rate and reliable shift coverage when your business needs it.

Contact our sales team to activate your account or request a demo.

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