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The better way to book reliable temp staff.

Quickly match with experienced W2 hourly workers on demand.

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From hospitality to retail positions, we have a talent pool in a variety of industries ready to work for your business.

How it works

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Whether you need to fill a last-minute call-out or extra help next week/month—we've got you.


Book talent in just 30 seconds. We'll get quality, experienced, and vetted talent onsite at light-speed.


Whether you’re sitting down or on-the-run, Ondemand web and mobile apps are accessible and responsive to your needs.


Ondemand learns your preferences and leverages Empathic Intelligence to deliver impressive outcomes.


Get the 411 on your team instantly while taking comfort with the knowledge that the technology is monitoring time and attendance.

your team

Grow your team, but not your costs, by flexing your staffing to align with your business needs—saving you time & money.

Your people,

Partnering with Jitjatjo allows you to regain access to furloughed or separated workers under a lower-cost on-demand labor model.

Find workers

Always on, 24/7

Ondemand is always on and ready to support your ever-changing needs

Whether you have a last-minute need or are scheduling in advance, Ondemand is always ready to get you the staff you need.

Booking talent takes just 30 seconds. Simply input the job details and watch your booking fill in real-time.

Ondemand is optimized for desktop and mobile, so you’re supported at a workstation or on the run.


Ondemand leverages Empathic Intelligence to predict and influence human performance


In addition to a live interview, our recruiting algorithm, ‘Ana’ ensures applicants are properly assessed and thoroughly vetted.


‘Ma’ is our matching algorithm who truly optimizes for the “best” match by developing extensive personas for people and businesses.


‘Pa’ is our performance algorithm who encourages Talent to perform to high standards by linking their Instant Pay eligibility to service quality.

in real-time.

Intuitive presentation of real-time data analytics empowers managers to focus on your business.

Booking status

Booking flows and real-time status enable you to easily book one worker for a single shift and/or large teams for multiple days/weeks/months.

Location tracking

You’ll know when your team is expected to arrive and can monitor their status throughout the shift. Clock in/out is enforced with a geo-fence.

Time & attendance

There are no more timesheets or paperwork to worry about. ‘Pa’ monitors and logs shift start & end times, presenting them for your approval at the end of the shift.

Performance management.

Automatic feedback and personal encouragement drives positive change in human performance.


Keep your Ondemand team on the same page via Team Chat—simultaneous instant messaging—without sharing your contact details.

Zero cost incentives

‘Pa’ strategically offers Instant Pay to Talent, aligning everyone’s interest around service excellence and superior performance.

Rapid reviews

‘Ma’ will have you completing performance reviews in seconds to learn your preferences and build your team.

Build your A-team, effortlessly.

As if like magic, Empathic Intelligence curates labor pools and optimizes your resourcing.

Your team

Free yourself of minimum hour commitments, and compliance headaches, by inviting your furloughed/separated employees to work flexibly.

Our team

With over 10,000 Talent vetted and ready to help, Ondemand is primed to supply the additional staff you need, when you need them.

The A-team

‘Ma’ and ‘Pa’ are constantly curating labor pools, refining them based on your preferences, building your A-Team so you can focus on your business.

we serve

We have domain expertise in a variety of industries and can provide talent to small, medium, and large businesses alike.

Working with Jitjatjo’s team to keep our NYC office clean and safe was easy, quick and successful. This service is a great layer to our safety protocols, and with the team so wonderful to work with, I highly recommend.

Lauren K.
EVP, Public Relations Firm

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Working with Jitjatjo’s team to keep our NYC office clean and safe was easy, quick and successful. This service is a great layer to our safety protocols, and with the team so wonderful to work with, I highly recommend.

Lauren K.
EVP, Public Relations Firm

Great company! Fantastic workers! Highly recommend to anyone who needs help staffing their facility last minute.

Sam J.
HR Manager, Metropolitan Hospital

Great worker. Great attitude. Looked good. Searched for tasks to accomplish.

Chris B.
Food and Beverage Director, Hospitality Company

Our Talent was fantastic! He showed up on time and performed all duties beyond expectation. Would absolutely work with him again!

Tyler S.
Operations & Events Director, Corporate Meeting & Event Venue

Amazing workers with great knowledge— an absolute pleasure to work with.

Iain M.
General Manager-Catering , Event Space

The staff from Jitjatjo are always excellent and professional!! I use both their hospitality and cleaning services and I am never disappointed by the quality of their work. My shop was thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized. I look forward to working with their staff in all capacities moving forward.”

Rob P.
Owner, Cafe / Bakery


Tracey J.
General Manager-Food Service, University

I loved how easy and stress free this was. We knew we wanted to hire them since the moment they stepped into our gallery. We cannot wait to work with Jitjatjo again in the near future.

Enny R.
Operations Manager, Gallery / Event Space

I think your app is a great tool for any hospitality pros who need help especially at the last minute which is totally awesome and extremely convenient. Your back office support is also extremely helpful and accommodating.

Chef Gordon E.
Executive Chef, Catering Company

Jitjatjo is an integral part of our patient safety plan. By helping us implement daily disinfection protocols, we are confident that our patients, clinicians, and staff are safe and able to focus in what matters most—patient care.

Jacqueline C.
Practice Manager, Women's Clinic

Jitjatjo's team has done an excellent job providing my restaurant with great staff on many occasions...The team was a delight to work with and the process could not have been much easier! I am pleased to recommend Jitjatjo for both restaurant staffing and cleaning services.

Dr Tiffany B.
Proprietor, Restaurant


Fees are transparent and displayed in Ondemand. You simply pay for the hours you have talent working in your business; there are NO subscription fees.

Ondemand offers dynamic localized pricing to ensure you get the best deal possible for your business. Download Ondemand now to view the rates for your area.

Interested in hiring hourly W2 workers on-demand?

Experience a 97% fulfillment rate and reliable shift coverage when your business needs it.

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