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Empathic Intelligence

Flex leverages Empathic Intelligence and our proprietary matching algorithm (fondly referred to as Ma) to help you gain control of your time, reach your full potential, and most importantly, boost your income!

Flexible Schedule

Set your availability and Ma will invite you to gigs considering your schedule.


Ma will match you with gigs based on your skills, experience, and preferences.


Improve your knowledge, skills, and earning potential.


Get paid at the end of your shift.* You’re worth it.


Pay stubs and year-to-date earnings at your fingertips.


Live Chat with our community management team.

How it works

Endless opportunities.
Work when you want.

Make more money

Boost your income with extra shifts and enjoy lifestyle flexibility with Jitjatjo.

Work when you want

With Flex, you choose when you work. Simply accept the gig invitations that excite you.

Ma will find you gigs

Ma analyzes your gig preferences, past performance, assessed skills, and availability, then invites you to gigs nearby.

Apply once.
Access to unlimited gigs.

Mobile onboarding

Register now on your mobile phone. Follow our simple, step-by-step, paperless onboarding process to specify the type of work you want.

Expand your skills

Once hired, take advantage of complimentary training to expand your skills and unlock higher pay rates.

Fast and efficient

Choose a convenient time for your video interview and if you are a fit, get hired on the spot.

We listen to your feedback, and act on it.

Ma knows best

Every gig you work helps Ma learn more about your preferences so she can find gigs you’ll love.

Communication is key

Flex empowers you to communicate with your managers and teammates on gigs via Team Chat. Our Community Management team is also here to support you.

Rate your experience

Your feedback helps us enhance your work experience with Jitjatjo.

Get paid at the end of
your shift.* You’re worth it.

Instant payment to your debit/credit card

To reward you for performing at your best, we offer access to Instant Payment!

Providing that the eligibility requirements are met, you have the option to be paid immediately at the end of your shift.* Alternatively, you will be paid the following Friday via our Standard Payroll.

Our Clients

We don't just work with any clients. We choose clients that meet strict standards to ensure that they will treat you with respect and you will enjoy your work.







Competitive Pay

We offer competitive hourly rates based on job type and experience. We handle W-2 withholding taxes, to help minimize end-of-year tax bills. We get money in your hands faster than any agency or employer - Instant Pay*!

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Jitjatjo Talent are W2 employees
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Working with Jitjatjo’s team to keep our NYC office clean and safe was easy, quick and successful. This service is a great layer to our safety protocols, and with the team so wonderful to work with, I highly recommend.

Lauren K.
EVP, Public Relations Firm

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Everything is GREAT!😃 FLEX gives YOU lots of opportunities to make money to support yourself and family!!😍

Marielos R.
F&B Attendant / Bartender / General Cleaner

This was a great opportunity to gain experience in the disinfectant field...I am grateful and look forward to doing this type of work again as it becomes available.

Victor A.
Disinfection Technician / Cook / Kitchen Assistant

I'm enjoying working for Jitjatjo. Gigs are great and they fit my 21 years of experience in hospitality. Just a good fit for me.

Mercedes M.
Housekeeper / Catering Server / F&B Attendant

I like being able to have balance between work and personal life, and Jitjatjo offers me the flexibility to do both. Their app is user friendly. In one look you can plan out what jobs fit your schedule and you’ll know approximately what you can expect to make. The payment process is quick and easy, with options of either bi-weekly paychecks or instant pay. This is the convenience those of us in the gig economy look for. Above all people I’ve met are great people through Jitjatjo. They make the gigs enjoyable.

Marshall K.
Catering Server / F&B Attendant

I absolutely love working with Jitjatjo. Working with Jitjatjo part time accepting gigs that I am available to take has allowed me to work my full time job and make extra money to make ends meet . Working with the team has truly been a blessing I only wish I've could have worked with Jitjatjo sooner... amazing team thats always helpful and I continue to look forward to working with Jitjatjo for a long time to come.😊

Carmen B.
Cook / Cashier / Kitchen Assistant

I've loved working for Jitjatjo since my first gig. The team are very helpful and consistent in feedback, advice, even tips to help a worker out during a gig. Every issue I've ever had a Jitjatjo member resolved in no time. I would recommend Jitjatjo to anyone !

Kathleen L.
Food Runner / Cashier / F&B Attendant

Jitjatjo is just what the doctor ordered!

Raymon W.
Cook / Kitchen Assistant

Great Company to work for. Great pay rate. Great Gigs.

Treva H.
Disinfection Technician / Catering Server / Cook

Great for Flex work!

Jermaine P.
Dishwasher / Bathroom Attendant / General Cleaner


Maurice H.
Bartender / F&B Attendant / Butler

Great company that has helped me stay afloat while transitioning in entrepreneurship ventures. It’s also a great opportunity to enhance and develop new skills, connect with leaders and build references.

Sydia D.
Kitchen Assistant / General Cleaner / Cashier

Good to be back really miss this job/ company thank you jitjatjo/ Flex

Reginald P.
Porter / General Cleaner / Cashier


Christu B.
General Cleaner / Dishwasher / Bathroom Attendant

I like the culture. More specifically, I like the culture because Managers are sturdy and know how to delegate without being rude. It's a win/ win. They're great here

Tristin T.
Bartender / Catering Server




We’re seeking quality talent for a wide range of roles.

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*Instant Pay is conditional on the achievement of performance criteria, a current/active and supported debit card, a supported tax profile, and approval of hours worked. Certain gigs may require additional time to verify worker hours and in such cases, payment may take longer to process. USA only.