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Finding qualified and reliable hourly workers is tougher than ever. Let Jitjatjo handle your staffing challenges easily, so you can focus on what matters most – your business.
Reliable Staff: Vetted W-2 Workers
Our staff must pass a thorough assessment, 1:1 interview, and background check, ensuring only qualified and reliable talent join your team.
Powerful AI-Matching:  97% Fulfillment
Place job bookings in seconds and our advanced AI learns your preferences to match your open shifts with the best-fit talent.
Real-Time Support: Speak To A Human
Our team is standing by for real-time support via chat, phone, and email, ensuring your booking runs smoothly.

Earn more with Flex

Take control of your schedule, get invited to gigs that match your preferences, and get paid fast with shifts that fit your lifestyle.
Control Your Schedule, Control Your Life
Set your weekly availability to work when and where you want for the best work-life balance.
Work Gigs Tailored Just for You
Get invited to jobs that match your skills and interests, making work rewarding.
Better Benefits
Access a suite of healthcare, wellness, and lifestyle perks to reach your full potential.

Solve your staffing challenges across industries

Front-of-House, Back-of-House, Facilities and Service Roles

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Unlock your operation’s potential with results you can count on

Technology Built For Businesses Like Yours
With features like QR-code check-in, geo-location tracking, and in-app messaging, our platform speeds up staffing from weeks to days.
Compliance-Focused Staffing
All our talent undergo E-Verification, background checks, and additional compliance requirements as needed.
Build your A-Team
Hand-pick your favorite staff and invite them back for future jobs, creating a reliable roster of consistent, familiar faces.
24/7 Access & Dedicated Support
Our team is standing by for real-time support via chat, phone, and email, ensuring your booking runs smoothly.
Transparent Hourly Pricing
Save on costs with clear, upfront rates and no hidden fees or contracts required.
Looking for the fastest way to hire reliable W-2 hourly workers?
Vetted professionals with experience in the industry
Matching AI finds you the best-fit talent
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