Control costs and mitigate compliance risks. Processing payroll for your flexible workforce has never been easier.

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Instant Pay, Same-Day Pay, Weekly Pay

Strategically use payroll as a recruitment and retention tool by leveraging the power of instant pay as a reward for employee performance.

Holiday Pay, Penalty Pay, Call-in Pay

Built for compliance, Network leverages your internal policies and local employment laws to mitigate compliance risk.

Absence management, Sick & Leave Balances

Reduce employee absenteeism by leveraging Network’s Empathic Intelligence to proactively help inform and enforce your policies.

Integrate existing payroll system

Extract more value from your existing payroll system by connecting it to Network and leveraging our payroll audit tools to reduce payroll errors.

Auditing reimagined

Whether driven internally or by the EEOC/ DOL, audits can be a nightmare. Network validates and organizes your data, reducing the work required to perform audits. Network’s data analytics dashboards also help you identify issues in real-time and address them before they snowball.

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