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The quicker you can get new hires onboarded and working the happier they are and faster they can produce results for your business.

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Rapid onboarding

Express your new hires and rehires through comprehensive vetting and onboarding processes.

Candidate Funnel

Frictionless HR smart-forms 

Compliance doesn’t need to be slow or difficult, it simply needs to be compliant. Smart-forms are just as they sound; both candidates and employers love them as they reduce friction and increase onboarding speed while keeping you compliant. 

Smart Forms

Streamlined Employment Background Check Services 

Flexible paperless background checks, drug testing, and employment verifications customized for your business. Continue using your current providers, or combine Checkr with Network to optimize, automate, and expedite new hire vetting. 

Background Screening

Automated right-to-work verifications

Network can help you mitigate risk and reduce the time required to complete right-to-work checks so you can get new hires working ASAP. Our platform integrates with several identity and employment eligibility providers, like E-Verify, Checkr and others, to automatically authenticate candidates right-to-work with government authorities. 

Right to Work Verification

Effortless reference checking

Checking references is typically inefficient, frustrating, and extremely time-consuming. Despite being one of the most important steps in the hiring process to reduce risk for companies, it's often the step that is skipped. Say goodbye to manual reference checking for hourly employees and let Network get the job done for you automatically.

Automated Reference Checks

Multiple orientation training models

Educate new employees about your business expectations and their responsibilities. Automatically present company policies and regulatory notices during onboarding and record acknowledgements for compliance audits. Offer orientation training through multiple models:

  • Digital mandatory training
  • Digital self-service training
  • Digital instructor-led (eg. Zoom video call)
  • In-person instructor-led training

Self-identification and equal opportunity

Objectively measure and benchmark your diversity goals and create a culture that supports all employees through Self-identification tools. Automatically collect demographic data to monitor equal opportunity and non-discrimination policy aherence, and support internal/external audits.

Ready to optimize your shift-based workforce?

Learn how Jitjatjo can accelerate your talent acquisition time, reduce labor costs, and streamline operations with our talent marketplace solution.

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