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Performance Management

360-degree reviews may be unheard of for contingent workers, however, Pa delivers up/down performance reviews after every shift.

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360 Feedback

360-degree feedback accelerates the opportunity to help employees to grow both personally and professionally. Network regularly encourages feedback to be provided and then uses Empathic Intelligence to increase productivity, service quality, and employee retention.

Downward reviews

Managers enter feedback on how your employees performed. Top performers are added to the manager’s MyTeam and Ma gives them priority on future shifts. When talent performed poorly or were not a fit, Ma offers them work in other positions and/or locations in your business where they are a better fit.

Upwards reviews

Feedback is a two-way street. It’s important Talent have a voice and rate their experience as well. By encouraging feedback from Talent Network increases employee happiness, performance, and retention. Ma listens to their feedback and considers their preferences when inviting them to shifts.

Career pathing

Career pathing is a key driver of employee engagement and retention.  Network assists organizations to develop and support career paths to ensure your employees feel a deeper connection to the company.

Promote learning and development

Network Empahtic Intelligence identifies opportunities for targeted training to increase engagement, performance, and retention.

Warnings and disciplinary action

Empathic Intelligence will help transform your business by using warnings and disciplinary actions as a means to correct, not to punish, work-related behavior.

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