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Time & Attendance

Embracing the next-generation workforce requires a time-keeping platform that is flexible, scalable, easy to use, and enforces compliance.

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Enforce compliance, reduce payroll costs

Save your company money by enforcing compliance through Network’s automation, business rules, and approval workflows.

Flexible business rules engine

Create, and automatically enforce, rules on shift scheduling and timekeeping including; recurring/static shifts, dynamic shifts, breaks, overtime, holiday calendars, and other premium pay benefits.

Simplify time tracking, reduce payroll errors

Pa, our Service Delivery algorithm, helps improve schedule adherence via proactive and automated out-reach to workers. Additionally, data analytics dashboards empower Workforce Managers to monitor time and attendance in real-time.

Real-time data on employee shift status

Network empowers your managers with real-time data on their team. Managers can see the shift status for each employee, including when they are on the way to their shift and their estimated time of arrival at the worksite.

Geo, in-person, and physical time clocks

With several different ways to track time (Geo-location based, in-person time-sensitive QR codes, and fixed/physical time clocks) our automated timekeeping solution consistently tracks, manages, and controls employee time and attendance.

Efficient absence management

Simplify administration and improve efficiency. Achieve greater ability to manage employee absence with critical data to automatically schedule staff, identify absence patterns through real-time information and historical absence data.

Ready to optimize your shift-based workforce?

Learn how Jitjatjo can accelerate your talent acquisition time, reduce labor costs, and streamline operations with our talent marketplace solution.

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