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Simple. Transparent. Easy to manage—Network makes billing a breeze.

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Referral bonuses and sign-up credits

Network offers a fully-integrated referral engine to incentivize adoption and accelerate your labor model transformation. Referrals will also help fill your talent acquisition funnel with quality candidates.

Flexible bill rate models

Network offers a wide variety of pricing and billing options to align with your business model. You can easily configure bill and pay rates in Network for labor based on skill, proficiency, certifications, location, booking notice period, day of week/month/year, and/or commercial contracts.

Internal unit transfers and invoicing

Network supports internal unit transfers and external invoicing. Whether you’d like to charge by job, day, week, or on a monthly basis, Network can be configured to support your business model.

Real-time billing via credit/debit cards

Network supports authorizing/charging credit/debit cards for labor when staffing requisitions/bookings are placed.

Integrate your finance system

Leverage your existing financial/billing package and automate billing through Network.

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