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Our scheduling system automatically manages the complexity of regulatory compliance (breaks, spread of hours, fair workweek, overtime, etc.) and internal company policies across multiple locations and jurisdictions.

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Redefining flexible schedules, while maintaining compliance

Network’s compliance/business rules engine ensures that when new schedules are created they comply with company policies, internal business rules, and regulatory requirements. These rules are also enforced when editing existing schedules. Network’s Empathic Intelligence then takes care of filling your schedules with the best talent. Visit Fulfillment to learn more.

Multi-market, multi-location, multi-level roll-ups

Creating schedules is easy, watching them fill is even easier as Ma does the work automatically. Ma, Network’s centralized fulfillment engine, allows you and your local managers to not only see position fulfillment in real-time but to effectively manage the ever-changing demand for talent across your entire business.

Centralized job requisition approval processing

Standardize the process of filling shifts to support the ebbs and flows of your business demand while enabling managers to efficiently build teams of high-performers that deliver impressive results.

Automatic backups on critical shifts

Don’t let shift call-outs affect your service delivery. Network leverages A.I. and Empathic Intelligence to automatically add back-ups to open gigs based on the specific demand for that role across your organization.

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Attire/Uniform by position

We are told to dress for success but what does that actually mean? Network allows your managers to easily set the required attire when scheduling their shift so your team knows how they are expected to dress.

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Whether the work requires someone with a COVID-19 Vaccination, CPR Training, Food Safety, a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate, or other specific training, Network will keep you compliant by leverage Accreditations to get the right workers with the right qualifications assigned to these shifts.

Ready to optimize your shift-based workforce?

Learn how Jitjatjo can accelerate your talent acquisition time, reduce labor costs, and streamline operations with our talent marketplace solution.

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