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Optimize your resourcing and reduce labor spend

Shift to a more flexible and efficient contingent labor model to hire at scale and reduce temp spend. Jitjatjo’s innovative platform uses AI technology and empathic intelligence to support and manage a more optimized workforce.

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Offer talent more flexibility while improving your bottom line

Evolve from a static labor strategy by introducing the industry’s only WFM solution with an internal talent marketplace.

of HR professionals don’t believe their organization is prepared to manage gig or contract workers well
of HR decision-makers don’t feel they have strong technology for outsourcing talent
of companies will use AI-based solutions in human resources by 2022
  • Accelerate talent acquisition and onboarding from months to weeks or days
  • Reduce outsourced and temp labor spend by leveraging your untapped talent pool in a new way
  • Improve employee retention by offering the flexibility the market is demanding
  • Optimize resourcing across multiple locations
  • Automate HR workflows and compliance enforcement across 50 states and internationally

The Flex-Labor Model

Advance your resourcing by introducing a flexible work solution to your existing hourly employees. Network supports private, public, and shared labor pools with the ability to leverage Jitjatjo’s hourly contingent workforce on demand.

An end-to-end platform


  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Performance
  • Learning


  • Scheduling
  • Fulfillment
  • Time and attendance
  • Absence management

Payroll and

  • Payroll
  • Instant pay
  • Revenue management
  • Integrations


  • Training and certification
  • Industry accreditations
  • Audit tools

Service quality

  • Prediction algorithms
  • Employee engagement
  • Performance management

Data analytics

  • Labor analytics
  • Performance analytics
  • Net profit protection

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Jitjatjo clients save an average of 17% on their labor costs

Jitjatjo has been featured in some of the world’s most discerning and trusted media outlets.

Private labeled mobile & web products

Simplify workforce management for the new world

An app dedicated to productivity and workforce transformation

Radically improve outcomes with Empathic Intelligence and real-time analytics

Optimize admin performance with curated notifications and live-chat communications

Enforce compliance through automation, business rules, and approval workflows

Leverage audit logs to prove compliance

Empower managers to align resourcing with business needs

Give managers flexibility, and retain control

Leverage the power of empathic intelligence 24x7 to fill your schedules with the best talent

Provide managers with real-time analytics and empower them to drive performance

Benefit from effective communication tools that support all stakeholders

Enable managers to quickly and easily build teams of high-performers that deliver impressive results

Offer flexible work to your employees while maintaining control

Scale Talent Acquisition and hire W-2 employees in hours, not weeks

Improve schedule adherence via timeclock rules, geo-zones, and Empathic Intelligence

Elevate your service standards, through digital training and automatic nudges

Optimize employee communication and enhance employee engagement

Automatically collect upward feedback and increase employee happiness

Automate tasks and scale your workforce with Empathic Intelligence

Our algorithms are designed with empathy to predict and influence human performance.


Optimize resourcing allocation with “Ma”

  • Identifies the best-talent-fit for each open shift

  • Optimizes matchmaking based on scenarios

  • Quick performance reviews close every shift

  • Ma gets smarter with every platform interaction


Ensure successful service delivery with “Pa”

  • Predicts potential service issues

  • Influences talent to arrive on time

  • Monitors schedule adherence and service levels

  • Empower admin actions via curated notifications

Integrate your systems

Bring your business up to speed with a solution that works in parallel with existing human-capital management systems with the added benefit of Jitjatjo’s extensive talent marketplace.

Ready to optimize your shift-based workforce?

Learn how Jitjatjo can accelerate your talent acquisition time, reduce labor costs, and streamline operations with our talent marketplace solution.

Contact our enterprise sales team to learn more or request a demo.

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