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The emerging workforce:
The rise of gig work and Gen Z

How HR leaders can navigate the changing work landscape

By 2025, Gen Z will make up 27% of the workforce,

ushering in a transformative era in the workplace. Born digital natives, they bring a blend of tech-savviness, a quest for flexibility, and a desire for meaningful work. Our comprehensive report dives deep into the seismic shifts Gen Z is catalyzing in the professional world – from the surge in gig work to their unique demands for career growth.

What to expect in this report

Employers can use internal talent marketplaces to adjust operations in order to support new workforce preferences. Jitjatjo’s Network solution allows businesses to see the availability of skills,
fill skill gaps and find methods to train their staff for the future. Employees will be better equipped to offer their unique contributions to the firm if the company allows them to grow their talents and supports them through various projects.

Download now to access our detailed report on the changing dynamics of the workforce and the growing importance of talent marketplaces.


Explore the unique values and work ethics that set Gen Z apart from previous generations.

Digital Integration

Discover how the digital fluency of the newest workforce generation is influencing workplace technology and communication.

New Work

Gain insights into the preferences for flexibility, 
work-life balance, and purpose-driven roles among today's young professionals.

Strategies for

Uncover actionable strategies for businesses to effectively engage and retain the emerging talent pool.

Future of Work Trends

Learn about the emerging trends in the workplace driven by the rise of this dynamic and influential generation, including the growth of gig work and remote opportunities.